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Prof. Wang Xierong Congratulations
July 20, 2018 //

The Canadian Acupotomy Medical Association is the first and first National Acupotomy Medical Association in North America and the first officially registered in a developed country.

Her establishment has important practical significance and far-reaching historical significance to the promotion of Chinese traditional culture and the dissemination of acupuncture medicine.
A small needle can cure a serious illness!

She will benefit from simple, green treatments and magical benefits
The people of Canada and the peoples of the world!
It will also make its due contribution to the promotion of friendship between the peoples of China and Canada.

I wish the conference a complete success!

To all my colleagues
Good health and happy family! Chinese Traditional Medicine with National Name and Traditional Chinese Medicine

President, Professional Committee, World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies
Chief Expert, Pain Diagnosis and Treatment Centre, Navy General Hospital, PLA

Prof. Wang Xierong Congratulations
July 20, 2018





身体健康,阖家幸福!                        中 国 国 家 级 名老中医
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             王燮荣  教授敬贺

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