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Our Mission

AMAC, the Acupotomy Medical Association of Canada


AMAC, the Acupotomy Medical Association of Canada is a volunteer-based, academic, public, non-profit organisation registered with the Federal Government since 2018, Our mission is to foster a community that creates, spreads, and advances acupotomy knowledge and techniques for better clinical results and its safe use in the public interest, with a mandate to lobby for regulation of Acupotomy in Canada.

AMAC Objectives:


  • Educate the public about Acupotomy

  • Support Acupotomy practitioners and advance their knowledge and skills

  • Set professional standards for Acupotomy

  • Promote Acupotomy in Canada and other countries

  • Provide competitive benefits for the Acupotomy professional in Canada

Our Vision: Excellence and innovation in Acupotomy research, education, and application.

About Us


The Acupotomy Medical Association of Canada is composed of medical institutions and medical workers who are engaged in the work of Acupotomy in Canada and other countries. We plan to establish regional offices across Canada, and welcome individuals and organizations to join us.

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