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祝贺 //

"Dear President Zou Liguo,
Dear Mr. Wang Fulin, Executive President and
The Canadian Acupotomy Medical Association
Fellow citizens, dear friends!

I am very encouraged and excited to hear that the Canadian Acupotomy Medical Association has been established. Here, on behalf of the Professional Committee of the World Federation of Chinese Medicine Societies on Acupotomy.

And in my own name, I would like to extend my sincere and warm congratulations to the Assembly.

Acupotomy medicine is a successful example of modernization of Chinese traditional medicine!

Mr. Zhu Hanzhang is a well-deserved founder and founder! At the same time, the birth of this new discipline is also the crystallization of the collective wisdom of the Chinese people!

Over the past 40 years, Acupotomy Medicine has attracted more than 100,000 medical workers from all over the world with its unique theory and outstanding clinical efficacy. Through their efforts, it has brought good news to hundreds of millions of patients."







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